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We formed an alliance around 47 AD as part of the Germanic tribes battle taunt for Roman troops invading the land. Of course the romans wound up domesticating these tribes and we finally went into seclusion only popping our heads out every hundred years or so. We didn't like what was going on in Northern Europe. The Christians were taking over, and we didn't want to adopt their faith(or any faith for that matter). We went to Africa to play for the Arabians. They threw pineapples at us and called us "Kafir" while chasing us with swords to our stolen viking ship. The guys then decided that the band should go by this name, if it's what shall be screamed to people that are disliked.

We woke up around 1675 and came to the new land with the pilgrims. We made friends with the redskin people, they fed us and gave us shelter. A few of us went to caves to stay for the years. We watched the rest of the white Europeans invade the land and exploit the local tribes, like the Romans did to the Germanic tribes. We decided to lay low again.

We woke up again in the year 2002 and we looked around at what the white people had created on what the red people had once called home. Great metal teepees stretched into the sky like huge buffalo erections. We then met local tribes of various backgrounds. They showed us how to play instruments and start a new era of pestering the new romans. These new white people were already repeating history a third time, invading again. We yawned, and started playing a cultureless genre of music. People began throwing things at us again, but we weren't being chased by Arabians with scimitars. So we fought back with noise from our instruments.

We are now attacking people at a local venue. We need other places to attack people.